Teaching Learning methodologies at NBS

NBS follows a 360 °   teaching methodology. The first level gives emphasis to:

  • Knowledge development
  • Theoretical discussions
  • Panel discussions/Workshops
  • Case studies

The next level is to create skills through:

  • Pre –practice teaching
  • Training in classroom
  • Training through outbound activities
  • Hands on training

The next level the student moves on to effective application of  skills and knowledge through

  • Cooperative learning techniques
  • Participatory learning techniques
  • Promoting inclusive practices and use of technology
  • Using probing questions to challenge the learners
  • Reflective thinking
  • Open forum discussions

The institution also engages students in ‘active learning through interactive lectures which ends with questions and assignments for which students have to consult books, eBooks, magazines, selected journals etc. from the library & also surf the internet. Group assignments are given with eliciting questions for which the learners have to be actively engaged in the library. Students discuss and write their assignments.

Peer teaching

Advanced learners assist their weaker counterparts through peer teaching. Group activities also give the advanced learners a scope to assist their peers. Students’ seminars and panel discussions are also modes of peer teaching.For peer-teaching, students make use of websites, books and selected journals.

Community outreach

Students have to submit individual projects as a part of the MBA curriculum.


Students are engaged in practising selling skills as a part of summer internships in organizations batchwise.

Role playing

Student-teachers’ play the roles of executives in organizations in the simulated lessons sessions and mock teaching sessions. Role playing, as a teaching technique is used profusely for training team building and conflict management.