The student Welfare Committee helps the student’s academic pursuit process to advance their academic as well as personal abilities. It helps the students to clear obstacles if any in the student’s learning process so that they can be qualified professionally according to National and International standards. The student welfare committee is responsible for solving all the student’s grievances, as well as the general well-being of students. The committee works for the overall welfare of the student in terms of student development which consist of student development process through mentoring, counseling and involvement in community activities. These are the activities of the student welfare committee:

  • Developing a professional relationship with the faculty.
  • Active Listening to their problems
  • Assisting the students in their learning process
  • Analysing student feedback and resolving issues.
  • Create a relationship with parents, teachers and the student.
  • Organizing special coaching for slow learners
  • Finding internships for students
  • Supporting financially through scholarships
  • Organizing activities and facilitating student interests
  • Looks after activities like music, sports, etc. for students.

The following are the members of the Student welfare committee:

  • Prof. Dr. Jacob P. M. Director, NBS
  • Fr. Dr. Paulachan K. J., Executive Director
  • Fr. Dr. Varghese Pulikal Counselor and Campus Minister
  • Prof. Dr. Sabu Varghese Director IT & Training, NIMIT
  • Mr. Jimmy Joseph, Finance Manager
  • Ms. Nayana S., IQAS coordinator & Faculty NBS
  • Ms. Savitha Baby, office Assistant
student welfare co

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