Shilpam (orientation program for MBA)
(Charted on the lines of AICTE)

The Student Induction Program Shilpam,  engages the new students as soon as they come into the institution; regular classes start only after that. At the start of the induction, the incumbents learn about the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture and values, and their mentor groups are formed. Then the different activities start, including those which are daily. Here is a list of activities:

  • Proficiency Modules
  • Physical Activity
  • Creative Arts and Culture
  • Mentoring
  • Familiarization with College
  • Lectures & Workshops by Eminent People
  • Extra-Curricular Activities in College
  • Feedback and Report on the Program

The time during the Induction Program is also used to rectify some critical lacunas, for example, English background, for those students who have deficiency in it, Accounting and Quantitative Techniques, Management, and Economics. These are included under Proficiency Modules. There will be a 2-week long induction program for the MBA students before entering the institution, right at the start. Normal classes start only after the induction program is over. Its purpose is to make the students feel comfortable in their new environment, open them up, set a healthy daily routine, create bonding in the batch as well as between faculty and students, develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the self, people around them, society at large, and nature.

In the Orientation Program on Day 1, the Director, and other college functionaries address and welcome the new students along with their parents. It serves to provide space for telling the new students about the college, and their academic and student life.

The groups which are formed function as mentor mentee networks. A student should feel free to approach his faculty mentor, when facing any kind of problem, whether academic or financial or psychological etc.


The purpose of Shilpam is to transform the student as a human being, with knowledge and metaskills related to his/her profession as a business man/woman engineer and as a citizen. The Induction Program is designed to make the newly joined students feel comfortable, sensitize them towards exploring their academic interests and activities, reducing competition and making them work for excellence, promote bonding within them, build relations between teachers and students, give a broader view of life, and building of character. The Human Values component, which acts as an anchor, develops awareness and sensitivity, feeling of equality, compassion and oneness, drawing attention to society and nature, and character to follow through. It makes them reflect on their relationship with their families and extended family in the college (with hostel staff and others). It also connects students with each other and with teachers  so that they can share any difficulty they might be facing and seek help.

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