The university Examination Cell at NBS headed by the Director, who is the chief Superintendent of Examinations with the supporting staff looks into the fair and systematic manner in which the university examinations are conducted in the college. Other functions of the cell are:

  1. To disseminate information received from University to all concerned.
  2. To prepare Circulars for students regarding Exam Fee Collection, the last date of fee Collection, modalities of payments of fine etc.
  3. To take all precautions while preparing the Examination Time table, Invigilation duty chart, seating plans for the students in the Examination halls, smooth conduct of Examinations etc.
  4. To mobilize the proper staff during the Examination time, and assigning them duty as per the duty chart.
  5. To take necessary steps for distribution of Answer sheets to the invigilators
  6. To pack and send the answer sheets to the  University.
  7. To collect marks sheets from the University and distribute them to the corresponding students.
  8. To analyze all examination results and in consultation with the Principal, and prepare the report thereof for submission to appropriate authorities for follow up action.
  9. To keep all records pertaining to examinations.
  10. To address grievances of administration, faculty, staff and students on all examination related issues.

The following members are represent the University Exam cell: 

  • Prof. Dr. Jacob P. M., Director, NBS & Chief Superintendent of Examinations
  • Prof. Dr. Suraj S., Academic Coordinator
  • Dr. Nijo Varghese, Exam Coordinator
  • Ms. Mency Abraham, Office Assistant

Grievances on University exams can be filed here

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