Academic Council

The Academic Council is the vital organ of NBS. It creates an interface between the student community, and the faculty.  It helps the students to address their academic issues.  The Council’s main objective is to ensure a healthy academic learning atmosphere and enhance the learning experience of the students. It constantly looks at the latest trends in the field of management and provides recommendations on add-on programs to meet industry demands. The Council plays an important role in guiding the students in selecting their specializations. It organizes specialization-related workshops to help students make right decisions in their specialization selections. The Academic Council also arranges sessions to help students cope with their academic issues and overcome any problems they might face. The academic council meets twice in a year. The academic council members are

  • Dr. Jacob P. M. Director, NBS
  • Dr. Paulachan K. J., Professor, NBS
  • Fr. Varghese (Arun) Valiyaveetil, Asst. Exe. Director
  • Fr. Thomas Kallookaran, Counselor
  • Dr. Sabu Varghese, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Suraj E. S. Associate Professor
  • Dr. Nijo Varghese, Assistant Professor, NBS
  • Ms Nayana S NAAC Coordinator/IQAC Secretary
  • Ms Jis Jose, Assistant Professor, NBS
  • Mr Jasir Mohammed,  Assistant Professor, NBS
  • Fr. Ajo Moothedan,  Assistant Professor, NBS
  • Ms Savitha Baby,  Office Superintendent, NBS