Marketing Club

The marketing club strives to put the marketing theories into practice through industry interactions, on-campus activities and management games to ignite the brilliant marketing ideas of students and offer them a platform to showcase their creativity.  


  • To make the student community aware of the latest happenings in the marketing world.
  • To keep the students proactively engaged using various competitions like, business plans, product marketing, digital media advertising campaigns
  • To make students come up with creative thinking and problem solving problems abilities for solving marketing issues through case studies and role plays.

Action Plan: 

  • To conduct marketing campaigns inside and outside the campus
  • To organize marketing games among the students.
  • To organize business plan contest, product marketing, advertising campaigns
  • To analyse cases on successful and failed product campaigns.
  • To create brand analysis of various leading brands.

Product Launch :

Competition among groups to come up with an idea and convert it into a viable product and present in front of the panel of judges for evaluation

Product Launch :

An activity that displays the top trusted brands and the selected students speak about those trusted brands.