Parents-Teachers Association (PTA)

The PTA was formed  to maintain a continued association between the parents and teachers and to discuss various problems relating to the general welfare of the students. The general body of the PTA meets every semester after the 2nd internal examinations. The Principal, and the faculty members generally attend this meeting and interact with parents.  The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) supports the College for infrastructural development, discipline and academic issues also to support deserving students.  The following are the members of the PTA.

  • Prof. Dr. Jacob P. M., Director, NBS
  • Fr. (Dr.) Paulachan K. J., Professor
  • Fr. Jimmy Kunnathoor Asst. Exe. Director
  • Fr. Thomas Kallookaran, Counselor
  • Prof. Dr. Suraj, Academic Coordinator
  • Dr. Nijo Varghese, Exam Coordinator, & Faculty coordinator, 2nd year
  • Ms. Nayana, IQAS coordinator & Faculty coordinator, 1st year
  • Mr. K Y Eldho, Parent
  • Mr. K. P. Poulose, Parent
  • Mr. P F Joseph Varghese, Parent
  • Mr. Biju P. P, Parent
  • Ms. Savitha Baby, Office Superintendent