Library Committee

The Library Committee constituted with the Director, as its Chairperson and members from the faculty extends advice and suggests developmental activities of the Library. The purpose of the Library Committee is to liaison between the Library and its users i.e. faculty and students. The committee assists in developing operational procedures, suggest improvements, and develops the Library resources for enabling an intellectual atmosphere. Some of the functions are:

  • To guide the Librarian in formulating general library policies and regulations
  • To provide services and update the Library collection.
  • To work towards modernization and improvement of Library
  • To review Library readership of the school
  • To adopt measures to enhance readership
  • To prepare a budget for the development of the Library.

The following are the members of the Library committee:

  • Prof. Dr. Jacob P. M. Director, NBS
  • Fr. Dr. Paulachan K. J., Executive Director
  • Prof. Dr. Sabu Varghese Director IT & Training, NIMIT
  • Dr. Jose Poulose , Librarian, NBS
  • Mr. Jimmy Joseph, Finance Manager
  • Ms. Nayana S., IQAS coordinator & Faculty NBS
  • Dr. Nijo Varghese, Faculty NBS
  • Ms. Savitha Baby, office Superintendent