Board of Studies

Guidelines of Board of Studies

The Board of Studies (BoS) is the basic constituent of the academic system of an Institute. Its functions will include reviewing the content of various courses, from time to time, introducing new add-on courses of study etc.

Composition of Board of Studies

The composition of the Board of Studies is given below:

  1. The Director of NBS.
  2. The NAAC coordinator
  3. All Professors/Associate Professors/Assistant Professor of the Department.
  4. One senior Professor to be co-opted by the BoS from other department nominated by the Executive Director in consultation with Director.
  5. One subject expert (ACADEMIC) nominated by the Director
    • Experts should be from (i) IIM’s/NITs /other reputed academic Institutions (Government/Aided)
  6. One subject expert (INDUSTRY) nominated by the Director.
  7. One Senior Alumni (ACADEMIC) nominated by the Director.

(Alumni Members should be at least 3 years of experience in the relevant field).

Constitution And Functions Of Board Of Studies:

  1. The BoS shall be constituted by the department for a period of THREE years.
  2. The meetings of the BoS shall be arranged at least ONCE IN A YEAR.
  3. The members of the BoS will be nominated by the Director
  4. The Board of Studies shall have a power:
    • To conduct a gap analysis of the existing MBA syllabus of the university and recommend Add-on/Value added courses for improving the academic standards.
    • Revise/update the contents of the Add-on syllabi from time to time.

The Members of the Board of Studies are:

  1. Dr. Jacob P. M., Director, NBS
  2. Fr. Dr. Paulachan K. J.  Professor, NBS
  3. Dr. Joy Joseph Puthussery, Dean Academics, NIMIT (external member)
  4. Dr. Joshy Joseph, Associate Professor, IIM-K (external member)
  5. Dr. Sabu Varghese, Associate Professor
  6. Dr. Suraj E. S. Associate Professor
  7. Ms. Nayana S NAAC Coordinator/IQAC Secretary
  8. Dr. Nijo Varghese, Assistant Professor, NBS
  9. Mr. Akhil Shaji, (Alumni)
  10. Mr. Mohanachandran K R, Chief Risk Officer & Senior Vice President, ESAF Small Finance Bank