NBS believes that faculty members are learners and as such, will continue to strive to improve their work. Faculty members should develop over a lifespan of their careers and that span requires a different faculty development approach. Koinonia will enable them to improve their classroom engagement better and they will become more inclusive and learner-centered. Launched in 2016, the Faculty members of NBS, set out clearly articulated pathways to reach the vision of NBS. Koinonia the Strategic Planning workshop provides a clear vision and a set of principles, priorities, initiatives and metrics to guide NBS throughout the year and the next five years.  The objectives of Koinonia are:

  • To focus on creating a learner-centered approach to teaching.
  • To meet the needs of diverse faculty and to support the values of the department.
  • Evaluation of program effectiveness and measuring the impact.
  • Foster a sense of service, professionalism, ethics, and dedication in our faculty members.
  • Maintain a strong focus on sustainability
  • Build our research base by strengthening ties between the Faculty, the University, the community, and industry.