Best Practices

Best Practice: 1

Community Entrepreneurship program (CEP)

CEP’s vision is to “Mould Entrepreneurs for the Indian economy”. The mission of Naipunnya Business School to equip students with management skills so that they may function efficiently and effectively by integrating academic excellence and involvement in wider societal concerns. Thus the purpose of the CEP is to develop entrepreneurs inside and outside the campus and grow business ventures. Thus the team of faculty members and students within NBS, recognizes an opportunity to train the community in social entrepreneurship so that they develop, and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues and contribute to the country’s economy.

Objectives of Community Entrepreneurship Program:

  • To equip local entrepreneurs with business training.
  • To create a peer-to-peer learning
  • To reduce poverty, and social problems
  • To drive societal transformations and empower the marginalized

Best Practice: 2

Partnering, Restructuring, Accepting, Yearning, Adapting, Accomplishing, & Nourishing (PRAYAAN)

Prayaan was formed with the objective on how to prepare for a career in the corporate as well as on what are the certifications required to be successful as well as what skills are necessary for students to be successful as well as what is expected from the graduates by the corporates. This is different and unique as career seminars are generic in nature targeting all type and specializations of graduates. It is unique because it addresses the future possibilities in India as well as abroad. It is unique because there is no pressure to choose but open and the speakers are chosen in such a way that they are unique in their own ways. Prayaan is modelled in its own way for the B school students because of the fact that many of the students do not have a clear orientation of what is expected from them and fall into careers which are not their choice and as a result are forced to leave their careers mid-way. Prayaan brings together students of all B schools and is open to debate and challenge conventional career choices. Prayaan also follows a pattern of electing the right speakers who have turned non-conventional ideas and have succeeded in making their mark in the corporate.