Campus Life

NBS campus is designed to have a great academic life as well as create a positive environment so that memories of the campus live in the minds of students. The campus offers opportunities for senior and junior students to come in contact with each other through the Freshers day program and thereafter all the programs of the campus are jointly conducted by the students of both the batches. Apart from this the faculty members and everyone comes in contact with the student community on campus.

Students are enrolled into the club activities as well as the student cells  and the clubs and cells create various activities which benefit the student community to come in touch with corporates as well as various management programs round the year on the campus.  There are  4 clubs under Ekklesia. Apart from this morning assembly, Academic Enrichment programs, Placement cells are all managed by the students. Students also participate successfully in national and international inter-business school competitions.  Our students have bagged the Thrissur Management Business plan contests, 3 times in a row.   They have been overall champions in several fests within and outside the state.