Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Development Club, enable students to meet with other students, entrepreneurs and discover how to create businesses and develop contacts with entrepreneurs after their graduation which could lead to startup financing, access to entrepreneurial networks and more. Students in entrepreneurship clubs can leave school with a solidly constructed business network, to become a future business founder.


  • To train students to have business insights and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To cultivate skills for a successful entrepreneurial venture which will make them enterprising graduates.
  • To create entrepreneurs who will be able to compete in local and global business industries.

Action Plan:

  • To conduct sessions on starting up businesses with successful entrepreneurs within and outside the state.
  • To organize Industrial visits to industries, industrial parks, Techno parks and start up villages.
  • Conduct “Friday market” in the college

Shaping Young Minds :

The program organized by Thrissur Management Association (TMA) to provide a platform for management professionals to interact with the leading icons from different fields and aims at helping management students to find the common link between management of self, choosing a career path and achieving the right work environment.

Vision Mission Workshop :

To provide an insight on how to prepare a good vision and mission statement by providing students with excerpts from industry, caselets and hands on experience.