Research Committee

NBS has a Research Committee that strives to make a contribution to the furthering of research at the school. The Research Committee is responsible for research projects, guiding scholars for research, and research training. The functions of the Research Committee are to recommend an annual research plan, conduct the National conference, publish ISBN edited books, select and recommend areas of research activity for the community, and promote and monitor research activity.  The research committee also works with the research center and NBS-CCBR for providing guidance to research scholars. The members of the committee are:

  • Prof. Dr. Jacob P. M. Director, NBS & Guide
  • Fr. Dr. Paulachan K. J., Executive Director & Guide
  • Prof. Dr. Joy Joseph Puthussery Dean Academics, NIMIT
  • Prof. Dr. Sabu Varghese Director IT & Training, NIMIT
  • Prof. Dr. Suraj, Guide
  • Dr. Nijo Varghese, Coordinator
  • Ms. Jis Jose, Coordinator
  • Mr. Sam Jose, Extension Officer
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