Institutional Distinctiveness

Hastham (Village Development Plan): Naipunnya group of institutions was formed with a vision “to reach the unreachable.” The institution garnered enough strength to work towards reaching the marginalized and the poor and created enough opportunities to the cause of the poor. This was implemented by providing jobs, and training to people and thereby improved the socio-economic status of the community in the neighborhood. Naipunnya Business School also follows the same vision “to reach the unreachable”, however the school believes in caring for the community and the environment. Hence the Business School focused on developing villages and with this vision, the school embarked on creating development in villages around its vicinity. The activities under Hastham are:

  • Interface with village communities and assessing their varied needs.
  • Identifying credit needs of Villagers and preparing reports for presentation to government agencies.
  • Watershed Development and providing potable drinking water.
  • Conduct training in the village for skill development, MED (Micro Enterprise Development), Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP).
  • Capacity building among the villagers for better quality of life.
  • Integrate the Government Departments and community based organizations with the villagers.
  • Coordination with Government Departments for social development, i.e. education, health, women and child development, youth, etc.
  • Marketing related intervention
  • Environment/Ecology related interventions