Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1: To develop the students into customer oriented and responsible marketing experts, who are capable of facing challenges and to identify the opportunities in the market.
PSO2: To incorporate social, legal and ethical dimensions in marketing so that they grow as ethical and responsible marketers of the corporates.
PSO3: To create economic growth for the company by understanding the customer needs and developing new products/services and thereby contributing to the  GDP of the nation.
PSO1: To develop the students into finance managers who are experts in raising funds to meet the obligations of the business firm and to maintain a proper debt -equity ratio.
PSO2: To be responsible for earning profits for the organisation and to use the financial resources in a frugal manner.
PSO3: To be legal and ethical in the financial matters of the firm, so that they mature as ethical finance managers.
Human Resources
PSO1: To develop students as responsible HR managers who are knowledgeable and skillful in employee life cycle management.
PSO2: To be capable of developing the right policies for the employees in the areas such as payroll, rewards, recognition programs, workplace safety etc.
PSO3: Responsible for creating new job opportunities and thereby contributing to the welfare of the society.