NBS – Center for Community and Business Research (NBS-CCBR)

NBS – Center for Community and Business Research (NBS-CCBR) is a newly formed department for supporting PhD scholars in their academic pursuit. NBS-CCBR is formed in line with the motto of Naipunnya “to reach the unreachable”. The center is designed in such a way that it will offer support and guidance for upcoming researchers to excel in their academic and research work. The research center of Naipunnya Business School (NBS) covers academic disciplines in Business Administration, Commerce and Information Technology. Faculty and students are actively involved in research, transforming organizations and the business environment. The Research Center serves the large public and the professional researchers. It puts at the service of users its connections and interdisciplinary relations. It aims at being a platform for research, debate, and dissemination of information. The research programme is designed to impart knowledge, and to consolidate concepts and intellectual skills through courses, seminars, and projects. Above all, it helps the scholars to develop the capacity for free and objective enquiry, courage and integrity, awareness and sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of the society. To perform this role, the Center fosters interaction between researchers and organizations by organizing seminars, conferences and workshops and publishing research. The Center encourages and participates in the debate on business environment, practices and policies. The academic and professional background and expertise of the school’s faculty is expressed in their many fields of research, including human resources management, information systems, marketing, finance, accounting, and international Business.

Objectives of NBS-CCBR

The business research will fulfil the following basic aims:

  • To research on the nature of business activities and the environments within which they function
  • To conduct research on various types of business organizations and their strategies.
  • To understand the role of business activities in the modern world.
  • To develop researchers with skill of analysis, synthesis and evaluation of their research work.
  • To develop research competencies and attitudes of the business world.
  • Provide education and training in research and related skills, especially for graduate and undergraduate students and thereby enhance the academic programs of their constituent academic units.
  • To transfer and mobilize knowledge gained through research for the benefit of society.