The Examination Grievance Committee is responsible for dealing with all the Grievances directly on academic issues.  Procedure for grievance handling of internal assessment. The procedure for grievances is taken from University of Calicut guidelines (Procedure for grievance handling of internal assessment number 9.0 Page, 5, 6). The committee meets twice in a year and in emergency, will meet within 7 days.     

  1. If the students have any grievance against any member of faculty, such grievance  shall be dealt with at three levels for a solution. First the concerned student may  present the grievance and discuss it with the concerned faculty. 
  2. If the grievance is not solved at the faculty level, the student shall submit a written  complaint with all the relevant details to the Head of the Department, centre, or  institute.
  3. The complaint shall be dealt with by a Committee of Teachers with the Head of the  institute, one senior teacher and the teacher whose assessment is a matter of  dissatisfaction for the student or students. 
  4. If it is not solved at the Department or centre or institute level the head of the  institution shall forward the written complaint of the student along with the reply of  the concerned faculty member to the Controller of Examinations, University of  Calicut. 
  5. The student and the faculty member may be invited to present the facts of the  dispute in writing before a Committee consisting of the Controller of Examinations,  Head, Department of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Calicut and  the Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies of the University. This  Committee may take a final decision based on the facts presented by the student(s)  and the concerned teacher and the answers they get from them. 
  • Dr.Jacob P M, Director, NBS 
  • Prof. Dr. Suraj E. S. Associate Professor 
  • Dr. Nijo Varghese, Faculty NBS, Exam coordinator 
  • Ms. Jis Jose NBS, Department Secretary 
  • Ms. Savitha Baby, Office Superintendent

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